Welcome to CB Multilingual

Based in the Zurich area, we are skilled providers of high-end solutions for multilingual business communications.

We are a translation and interpreting service provider, as well as a consultancy and training company, delivering enterprise-wide multilingual communications and terminology solutions.

With our industry expertise and international pool of highly experienced, multilingual communications and language specialists, we help companies, NGOs, other institutions and private individuals communicate consistently and effectively in a variety of languages.

Our value proposition at a glance:

  • Single point of entry for a comprehensive service portfolio
  • Extensive experience in the Swiss language industry and abroad
  • Long-established expertise
  • Wide range of qualified human resources
  • Commitment to established quality standards
  • European certification in terminology
  • Consistent track record of customer satisfaction


CB Multilingual is presenting a webinar on how terminology helped reduce costs and increase efficiency in a corporation

CB Multilingual is co-author of the Handbook of Terminology, edited by John Benjamins

CB Multilingual has contributed to an SDL eBook on the importance of terminology management for big corporations