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Proofreading service - the icing on the cake for your text.

You want to present yourself or your company to your audience as effectively as possible. That’s why you have written an excellent text and now want to get the content out into the world. Whether you can shine with your work depends, of course, on the quality of the content. On the other hand, it is important that your text be perfect in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation. It is the overall impression that counts!

Why you should have your content professionally proofread

Do you set commas more by feel and always run the spell checker at the end? This is perfectly adequate for “home use”. However, if your content is to be published in any form or sent to (potential) customers, it is essential that your text be error-free. Spelling, grammar or punctuation errors are not only embarrassing but also undermine the credibility of your text. Therefore, have your text professionally proofread before publication.

What does proofreading involve?

Proofreading involves checking a text for spelling, grammar and typography. Our highly qualified proofreaders with a special attention to detail will ensure that your text is flawless, focusing in particular on:

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Hyphenation

Corrections in a Word document are made in “track changes” mode. This allows you to see at a glance what changes the proofreader has made. To ensure the consistency of your text, it is always edited from start to finish by a linguist and then checked by a second proofreader according to the 4-eyes principle. This way you can be sure that no error has been overlooked.

Stylistic and content-related changes are not made, unlike with editing. Proofreading is therefore particularly suitable for well-written texts, academic or scientific papers and legal texts where content may not be changed as it only adds the finishing touches to your documents.

Read more about the difference between proofreading and editing in our blog article on this topic.

Our proofreading services are available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

We also offer other languages on request.

Would you like to put the finishing touches to your texts? Let us know the scope of your text and the time constraints and we will be happy to process your request within 24 hours.

Print-ready copy for error-free printed matter

If you want complete peace of mind and would rather an expert “sign off” your copy, we will be happy to check your text to make sure it is print ready. As with proofreading, this work is carried out by two linguists working one after the other (4-eyes principle). Afterwards, you can send your content to print with a clear conscience.

Would you like to make sure that no errors have crept in before printing your text? Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding, tailor-made offer.

Language conventions/Corporate vocabulary

Of course, we take your language conventions and corporate terminology into account when proofreading your texts so that all your content is consistent. If you wish, we can work with you to develop customised glossaries, which will ensure that your texts always meet the same standard.

Ask us for a non-binding quote.

Additional services for editing your demanding texts