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Interpreting 2.0 – remote interpreting

As in many other professions, technological advances are also having an impact on interpreting, with conferences moving from big halls to computer screens at home. There is a growing need for remote simultaneous interpreting services (RSI), since in many cases it is not possible to stage physical events attended by international delegates.

Remote interpreting technique

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of remote interpreting, providers of interpreting technology and online conferencing technology have adapted or expanded their offerings accordingly. For example, simultaneous interpreters can now be added to multilingual online conferences with a few clicks of the mouse. They log in remotely, then translate the event as usual (including in pairs).

Hybrid solutions are also an integral part of the service. While the technical professionals are on site and the listeners are in their offices at home or elsewhere around the world, the interpreters work in the interpreting booth as usual – either on site or in a so-called hub of the technology provider. This ensures a smooth technical process at all times.

Advantages of remote interpreting

While some are returning to physical events, others are sticking to video conference interpreting. That’s not surprising, considering the many advantages it offers:

  • Time and cost savings: instead of needing expensive interpreting equipment and having to rent conference halls, etc., you log on to your computer from the comfort of your own home.
  • No business trips, which means no travelling and no money spent on accommodation and meals.
  • More environmentally friendly: due to the lack of business travel, the carbon footprint is smaller.

Language portfolio for remote interpreting

Thanks to our long-standing presence in the Swiss language services market, we have a large network of qualified conference interpreters with several years of experience on the Swiss market. We have been working with them on countless projects for renowned Swiss companies and organisations over the past years.

In addition to the most common target languages (EnglishFrenchSpanishGerman and Italian), we also offer our interpreting services in other European and non-European languages. Feel free to contact us at any time and we will find the right interpreters for your event.

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As a renowned language service provider in Switzerland, we always keep up with the latest developments in the field. We also specialise in simultaneous interpreting (e.g. for SMEs or large organisations) or liaison interpreting for institutions (e.g. hospitals and training centres) and companies, using the corresponding platforms and techniques. If you are planning a conference, please contact us – we will be happy to support you.