Sprach- und Terminologiemanagement

Corporate Language at your fingertips.

  • As part of a large network of industry experts, we offer a wide range of personalized, independent and integrated multilingual language management and consultancy services, including:

Terminology management

Terminology management and training

Benefit from our expertise in terminology management which has been built up over many years to create and maintain your own specific corporate language.

As an experienced terminology services provider we can add value to your organisation by:

  • Researching and collating specific vocabulary that resonates consistently across multiple languages, cultures and markets
    Developing enterprise-wide databases, glossaries and terminology guidelines, including extracting technical terminology from existing documents
    Maintaining and updating monolingual and multilingual terminology resources

We also offer consulting and training on how to implement customised terminology processes within your organisation. Our terminology management courses and presentations can be held on site at your premises, or in our own offices. Participants acquire the skills to build up, maintain and update their specific vocabulary, and make it available to different target groups within or outside the organization by covering the following aspects:

  • Knowledge of the principles and methods of terminology work
    Processes and methods for terminology management and quality assurance for corporate language data
    Management of terminology projects

Do you have requirements that are not covered here? Please contact us for a confidential, non-binding initial consultation.

Consultancy services

Consultancy services

We offer extensive, value-enhancing consultancy capabilities for corporate language management:

  • Assessing the impact and overall quality of your texts
  • Planning and executing terminology projects
  • Producing visual aids for business presentations in foreign languages
  • Compiling style guides for consistent and distinctive brand positioning
  • Establishing the linguistic suitability of your promotional material (product names, slogans) for consumers and clients in your target markets
  • Implementing and optimising translation and terminology workflows to meet your multilingual communications requirements
  • Procuring and evaluating language service providers for specific projects/language pairs
  • Performing language and terminology-related tasks on an ad-hoc basis to overcome temporary personnel shortages in your company
  • Foreign language coaching for managers and executives

Do you have requirements that are not covered here? Please contact us for a confidential, non-binding initial consultation.