Swiss Commercial Court in Zurich

CB Multilingual provides simultaneous interpreting services at the Commercial Court in Zurich


Whether at the Commercial Court or the Cantonal Supreme Court, interpreting in a legal context requires, in addition to a solid technical knowledge, a great deal of concentration and meticulous preparation on the part of the interpreter.


This week CB Multilingual provided simultaneous interpreting services for a party within the framework of a settlement negotiation at the Commercial Court in Zurich. A tour guide system was used.

Both interpreters of our pool made certain that they were well prepared; you never know how long negotiations between the parties may take…

After the court, comprising three judges, issued its lengthy assessment of the matter at hand, it went back and forth. The court made a settlement proposal that was then discussed in-depth by the parties, with both sides conferring again and again.

Acoustically it can become very demanding in court rooms, where it is normally not possible to take any measures in advance. It always depends very much on whether the judges and other participants speak loud enough … and whether the ventilation system in the room is noisy-😊

One way or the other, the interpreters have to remain resilient and concentrate incredibly hard during the entire hearing.

It is very rewarding when you receive good feedback from the client – as was here the case – and hear that the expected negotiation outcome could be reached and that we – with our linguistic and interpreting expertise, clearly contributed to these results.

CB Multilingual expands its range of interpretation services

Throughout the year CB Multilingual has provided many interpreting services for prestigious Swiss clients, whether for meetings at law firms within the framework of investigations, multilingual events, signing acts before a notary, school events, medical appraisals or on-site or online client meetings.

We are proud to be able to count on a large network of reliable, professional simultaneousconsecutive and community interpreters and look forward to develop our service offering for conference and remote interpreting next year.