CB Multilingual | Medical Translation - Zurich, Switzerland

CB Multilingual - Precise and confidential medical translation of clinical findings, lab reports, and medical documents.

Medical translations: confidentiality is our priority.

Clinical findings, laboratory reports, expert consensus assessments and medical documents in general are conveyed accurately with us. Your sensitive content is processed by a highly specialised team at our translation agency in the Zurich area.

Medical documents and reports translated professionally, precisely and discreetly

We have been working with recognized medical expert centres for several years and cover disciplines such as neurology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and internal medicine. Our managing director has also been working for years as an interpreter in health assessment meetings with patients and insured persons who speak other languages. She has extensive knowledge of the entire medical assessment process in Switzerland.

Due to the highly technical and sensitive nature of medical documents, medical translation requires specific training and subject matter knowledge. The specialist translators in our network have many years of professional experience in expert medical translations in Zurich and all of Switzerland.

We devote particular care and attention to dealing with data concerning patients and insured persons, medical experts, public authorities and insurers, so confidentiality and data protection are guaranteed. Data transferred between you and CB Multilingual and between CB Multilingual and our external network of professional translators is subject to absolute confidentiality and is encrypted. We can also process data through a cloud-based file hosting service, with password-protected access.

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