Extensive experience in financial translations.

Annual financial statements, half-yearly and quarterly reports, balance sheets, press releases, market and product information, financial news, white papers, contracts, correspondence, statutes, technical manuals for financial applications, …the list goes on. Trust us to translate your strategic documents, which you have invested a great deal of money and resources into. As industry experts with in-depth knowledge of the specific terminology and language nuances of the Swiss financial centre, we are always at your disposal.

Projects managed by language professionals specialising in financial translation

Our team has extensive experience in financial translation, delivering high-quality translation and ensuring the translation process is continuously optimised. Our Managing Director, Silvia Cerrella Bauer, set up the language department for a renowned financial institution in Zurich and was at the helm for nine years. She also worked as a Business Unit Manager for financial clients at an international documentation and language services provider. In that position, she was responsible for delivering language services to Swiss corporate clients in banking and finance.

  • We process your documents in different languages.
  • We apply uniform processes and agree on the standards with you.
  • In every project, we consider your language conventions, plus your internal and subject-specific terminology, without exception.
  • We use state-of-the-art tools, such as customer-dedicated translation software (translation memory systems) for each language pair, and systems to manage your terminology.
  • Thanks to our language specialists spread across the world in different time zones, we can efficiently translate projects with very tight deadlines, even overnight. A 24-hour hotline can also be set up, if requested.
  • What is more, we proofread and edit your financial texts in the original language, taking into account your corporate identity and voice.
  • Confidentiality agreements with all stakeholders and compliance with data protection regulations are all part of the service.

Numerous customers from the Swiss financial sector attest to the quality of our translation and interpreting services.

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"Quality, reliability and flexibility are all key assets of CB Multilingual that we have come to appreciate. In addition, the firm excels in terms of professionalism and understanding of translation needs in our business segment. We have enjoyed over seven years of excellent collaboration on this basis. Many thanks to Silvia Cerrella Bauer and her team, long may this successful partnership continue."

Tino Hellmund, Senior Relationship Manager Securities Finance, SIX, Zurich

"CB Multilingual (CBM) is a professional and reliable translation partner that we gladly recommend. We highly value the personal and comprehensive support that Ms Silvia Cerrella Bauer provides to us. The service quality is excellent."

Ernst Bollhalder, Stv. CEO / Head Banking Operations, InCore Bank AG, Zurich